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About us

Codiax Sweden AB was founded in 2014 under the name Retotech by Anders Törnqvist and Ola Redell with the ambition to build a leading expert company in open source code, embedded Linux and real-time solutions.

The Open source area is large and constantly changing. Staying up-to-date is difficult for anyone, especially product development companies. Using open source is both a good opportunity and at the same time a challenge. It is important to define an appropriate open source solution for each specific project in order to successfully meet common competing product and project requirements such as: more functionality, shorter product development time, lower cost, maintainability, and legality.

With our experience and deep knowledge from a large number of open source based projects, we help our customers to the best parts of open source software.


"We at MontaVista Software have only positive experience working with Codiax. They have extensive experience in Open Source, which is important to us. We use them for deeper analysis of customers' Open Source projects and they are also responsible for our Embedded Linux courses globally. " – Magnus Nemell, Director of Sales, EMEA, MontaVista Software.

Services and solutions

Turnkey solutions

Codiax offers turnkey solutions based on open source software for embedded Linux systems as well as a couple of standard services. Right now they include:

  • Built-in Linux for all major hardware architectures – setting up development environments and producing ready-made images.
  • Complete systems for automated testing on target. We use Jenkins, Robot framework and our own board farm manager TATE.
  • Embedded Linux real-time evaluation
  • FOSS management

Customized solutions and services

In addition to the turnkey solutions, we offer services to help our customers solve their specific embedded Linux-related challenges. We perform our services either at the customer's place or in our own premises in Kista.

We can help with all aspects of open source and native Linux: Build system setup for given hardware, BSP development, testing, performance evaluations, troubleshooting, FOSS license management, and production deployment. We are specialists in Yocto/OpenEmbedded but also have experience with Ångström, Buildroot, LTIB, and Linux from scratch. And we have worked with the vast majority of CPU architectures.

Courses, Workshops and seminars

Codiax has 16 years of experience in providing courses in embedded Linux.

We currently offer the following courses:

Linux in embedded systems

Our courses are modular and scalable. They can therefore be easily adapted to content that is suitable for specific requests.
We also develop training materials for customer-specific requirements.

As a complement to complete courses, we offer shorter skills development activities such as workshops and seminars.

Read more about our courses