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Codiax is a specialist company in open source, embedded Linux and real time. We deliver ready-made solutions, consulting services and courses focused on the development of built-in systems, and carry out projects both at our customers' premises and in our own premises in Kista. We are customer-oriented experts and aim to be a supplier we ourselves would like to hire. Our expertise ranges from the lowest level BSP development, build environments, real-time analysis and real-time customizations, to license management and long-term maintenance of open source-based systems. The demand for our solutions and services is great and even though we mainly work in Sweden, we also give courses abroad. Our repeat customers include everything from world-leading Linux suppliers to local Medtech companies.

Linux and open source developer for embedded systems
Yngre mjukvaruutvecklare för inbyggda system

Linux and open source developer for embedded systems

We are looking for several experienced and less experienced employees to join our team of consultants, developers and course leaders. You will work with our customers' needs within built-in systems, but may also contribute to our internal projects.

We take home projects that we can work on together within Codiax, but just as often we sit with our customers and develop their embedded Linux and applications on site. Sometimes it is about making additions and adaptations to existing systems, and other times about new development.

Experience in the field is of course meritorious, but the most important thing is that you have a burning interest in Linux and open source for embedded systems. You should have previous knowledge in some of the following areas, but above all a strong desire and ability to learn more.

  • OpenEmbedded/Yocto
  • Linux for embedded systems
  • Application development
  • Driver development
  • Shellscriptning
  • Qt
  • Real time system
  • C/C++
  • CI and test
  • Troubleshooting

We are a small, growing company where the opportunities for personal development are great. It is therefore important that you are self-motivated and prestige-free, as well as prepared to perform both small and large tasks.

Are you interested? Contact Anders Törnqvist (0705-232400) or Ola Redell (0705-232212), or email us at

Junior software developer in embedded systems

Vi har en stor efterfrågan på våra tjänster och söker en svensktalande mjukvaruutvecklare av inbyggda system, inledningsvis främst för våra inhouse projekt på kontoret i Kista.
Girl or guy who has recently completed/completes their civil engineering education or equivalent and has a burning interest in Linux and open source for embedded systems.
Are you the one who we are looking for?

Vi är ett litet växande företag där möjligheterna till personlig utveckling är enorma. Det är därför viktigt att du är självgående och prestigelös, samt beredd att utföra både små och stora arbetsuppgifter.

Are you interested? Contact us at


Vi tar emot LIA-praktikanter.
Praktik kan erbjudas inom mjukvaruplattformar för inbyggda system.
Uppgifterna kan variera från mycket hårdvarunära programmering till konfiguration och administration av byggsystem och test.
Kunskap om Linux inbyggda system och att vara svensktalande är krav.
Har du ett brinnande intresse för Linux och open source för inbyggda system och söker en LIA-plats?

Are you interested? Contact us at